360 Yardware News Updates for January & February

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Sleek new hardware

Brushed Stainless Steel Modern Doorbell Buttons

We were beyond pleased to announce our discovery, at long last, of modern stainless doorbells that are not only great looking, but very well made.  A rare combo in the wild world of doorbells!

To celebrate stocking these beauties we ran a giveaway.  The lucky winner was Diane who received a MSH  doorbell of her choice.  Congratulations, Diane!

You can check out our entire range of sleek new doorbells here.

MSH Doorbell Hardware | 360 Yardware

Project Profile: Contemporary Craftsman Bungalow

What to do when you have young children who love to play outside, but you live on a busy street?  These clients came up with a clever solution.  At the end of an exterior renovation of their gorgeous bungalow, the family decided to enclose their carport with a driveway gate.

The hardware we supplied was made of solid bronze to co-ordinate with the Craftsman style home.  Stunning workmanship!

Craftsman Bungalow with Courtyard Driveway Gates


Photos by Victor Robinson Design

A fun testimonial to receive

We often have folks email us with their feedback on their products and experiences with us.  And we love hearing it all!  Sometimes they are so fun that we just have to share.

360 Yardware Reviews and Testimonials

Make sure you check out our Testimonials page if you haven’t already.

Grey days in Oregon

For most of the months of the year in the Portland area, we have a mix of clouds, drizzle, rain, sun. It takes a lot of creativity to keep a 9-year-old busy between January and May.

One drizzly day we had Gramma over. One thing led to another and we made rockets out of paper and launched them down the driveway.

A few pieces of scrap wood, a PVC pipe, a very long hose from the compressor, and voila!

Honestly, this is one of the most enjoyable things we’ve ever done!

Pro-tip: be prepared to only be able to fire each one once because they will undoubtedly smash into a tree or a building.

DIY Rocket Activity for Families

This obviously has nothing to do with hardware!  But if you want to see something that’s sort of shaped like a rocket, check out these stainless and leather cabinet pulls!

Products we love: Nut Scrub

Now, now, get your mind out of the gutter!

Sometimes we stumble upon an amazing product, and this one is simply too good not to share.

We know not all of you have a machine shop making your hands dirty, but this hand cleaner works great for gardeners, contractors, auto mechanics, etc.  A friend who rides horses says that she swore by this stuff!

The scrubbing power comes from ground up walnuts.

Bever Nut Scrub

Even though this product is so fantastic, it’s not available widely online. You can call directly to the manufacturer (800.544.0133), or order online here.