Modern & Contemporary Gate Hardware

When we opened back in 2007, there was such a big hole in the market where contemporary and modern gate hardware should be. We were asked almost once a week: “Do you have anything that doesn’t look it came off a castle?” With all the incredible contemporary architecture out there, modern gate hardware had simply been overlooked!

We love all things contemporary, so we decided to produce design and produce our own line of contemporary gate hardware. We began by introducing the Moda Contemporary Latch (no longer available).  Next, we introduced several other latches.  As time went on, we included a few other latches by other manufacturers, for a curated collection of products. All of these latches–and any future additions–can be seen in the Contemporary & Modern Gate Latch section of our site.

Nero Lever Latchoval contemporary gate latchContemporary Ring Gate Latch







For coastal locations stainless steel is one of the only materials that can hold up to the sun, salt, and water. We’ve created latches and accessories from stainless steel.

We have the Alta Stainless Steel Contemporary Lever Latch. And the Modern Slide Bolt.

We truly believe Life’s Too Short for Crummy Hardware!

stainless steel modern slide latch