About Us

360 Yardware is our love story.

Intersecting paths brought together a furniture-making-custom-bike-building-prototype-maker and a golf-glove-selling-butterfly-farming-environmental-student. We fell in love, got married, and produced a bouncing baby business. We also produced the cutest, smartest, red-headed baby boy—but that’s a story for another day…

We’ve built a business that we believe in, providing quality products in the finest materials. We believe in old-school customer service where developing long-term relationships with our clients is the goal. We believe exterior hardware can be a focus, not an afterthought. And when we can’t find a product that suits us, we’ll design and produce it ourselves.

Evenings will often find us sitting on the porch sipping a glass of wine and dreaming up ingenious ways to latch a gate.

Jana and Paul Lombardi

Jana & Paul Lombardi, Owners of 360 Yardware
Jana & Paul Lombardi, Owners of 360 Yardware