Craftsman Bungalow with Courtyard Driveway Gates

Double Wood Driveway Courtyard Gate in Craftsman Style
Exterior View of Double Driveway Gate – Contemporary Craftsman

This double wooden gate was split into 1/3 – 2/3 to create an enclosed courtyard in the carport area. There were children at the property, so stoutness of the gate hardware as well as security were of utmost importance. The home is a Craftsman style, and the gates were built to complement that.

Craftsman house with bright colors

Double Gate secured by flip latch 50-420
Bronze Square Plate Lever Latch & Lockable Flip Latch

The hardware chosen was made of solid bronze to coordinate with the Craftsman appearance. Quick-links to the hardware below.

Interior of Latch with Flip Latch in the open position
View of the double driveway gate slightly opened.

Hinges were High Load Heavy Duty Hinges that support quite a bit of weight. The gate latch was a contemporary lever latch with a rustic finish, so it worked well with the Craftsman

Coastal Bronze Contemporary Lever Gate Latch 60-360
Latching side of the set, facing the street since the gate swings out.
Heavy Duty Bronze Door Hinges by Coastal Bronze 30-405    High Load Heavy Duty Gate Hinges by Coastal Bronze 30-405

Coastal Bronze heavy duty bronze door hinges 30-405

For security, the client added a bronze flip latch on the interior of the double gate. When flipped closed, the latch can be locked with a padlock.

Solid Bronze Flip Latch to lock a gate
Dark Bronze Lockable 5″ Flip Latch – Open Position

Because it is a double gate, the fixed gate requires a cane bolt. The cane bolt holds the inactive gate in place and provide stability for the swinging gate to latch onto. The bolt can be used as a hold-open for when the gates are open. In this case, they used two cane bolts to hold both gates closed and open.

Double gate with cane bolts Coastal Bronze 80-100    Coastal Bronze 80-100 Cane Bolt holding open a double gate

Coastal Bronze 80-100 Cane Bolt for Double Gates

One neat feature of this bronze cane bolt is the nub built into the bolt. This allows you to lift the bolt, turn the lever, and have the nub hold the cane bolt in the ‘up’ position.

Close Up of Coastal Bronze Cane Bolt for double gates
Bronze Coastal Bronze Cane Bolt for Double Gates 80-100

Photos by Victor Robinson Design

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