Doorbell Troubleshooting

Yes, we know how it is. Your new doorbell arrives on the front porch and before you even take your coat off, you’re rifling through the packaging to see it up close. It’s beautiful! Just how you pictured it! You look to see if it’s still light enough out to install it before dinner. Oh, and what’s this? An instruction booklet peers starkly out from the shredded plastic. There are photos of things with arrows and letters, along with wires, little plastic caps, screws, and warning signs. With a vague but increasing sense of dread, you mutter to yourself, “I mean, how hard can it be?” You bundle it all up again and put the box in the laundry room. Time to start dinner anyway.

Just about everyone who’s tried a DIY project has gone through some version of this scenario, including Paul and I! We understand and sympathize. And while 360 Yardware isn’t in the handyperson business, we’d like to give you an overview of your options should you encounter a rough patch that leaves you more intimidated than excited to try home improvements like installing snazzy new doorbells.

Doorbell Troubleshooting


OK, now, here’s the straight poop about doorbell installation troubles: in our experience, 90 percent of the time the issue is in your system—specifically, the transformer or the chime. It’s quite unusual for parts to arrive from the manufacturer damaged or broken, especially with 360 Yardware’s hand-picked, trusted makers.

The good news is there’s YouTube! We’ve learned a ton from watching some excellent how-to videos there and on other DIY info sources. Many professional craftspeople have taken the time to create terrific step-by-step directions that even the total newbie can follow. And think of all the money you’ll save and self-esteem you’ll gain by getting those gorgeous new doorbells up all by your own self!

And so, dear customers, we’ve compiled a list for you of our favorite troubleshooting videos to walk you through your doorbell project. We refer to them often ourselves. And remember: it’s never as bad as you think. Unless it’s worse, but there’s a video for that!

How-To Videos for DIY Doorbell Projects

Most doorbell systems consist of transformer, chime, and doorbell button. This video is a quick primer on familiarizing yourself with the typical system.

Replacing a lighted button, which you can pick up cheap at just about any hardware store.

Replacing a wired doorbell. Note he talks about low profile and high profile. 360’s are all low profile.

Fixing an apparently dead doorbell. Light’s out and no sound. This dad has one, too, and his little girl goes “hurray!” at the end.

General troubleshooting by this guy we love because he’s like your patient, awesome grampa.

Make that damn buzzing stop!

This electrician team has their own show a là “This Old House” (a 360 Yardware fav, of course). This episode is all about doorbells.

Shop For Doorbell Buttons & Covers

If you ever need a replacement lighted button you can find them at your local hardware store, Home Depot or Amazon.

Doorbell troubleshooting and replacement at 360 Yardware

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