Strap Hinges from 360 Yardware

Check out this gorgeous gate, built to replace one experiencing dry rot at the ground level and no longer operable. The client used 12″ Suffolk Strap Hinges with Lag Pintles to hang the gate.

360 Yardware Stainless Lag Pintle and Strap Hinge Set on Gate

Our customer, Larry, writes: “My wife found a photo of a gate on the internet that we liked, and I copied it for my yard. Came out pretty close, but with better hardware.”

Thanks, Larry! We don’t even have to see the original to agree with you!!

While we no longer have these specific strap hinges available, we have a variety of garage door hardware and other strap hinge options in marine grade stainless or galvanized steel, or even solid bronze should your project (or location) demand it.

Keep sharing your gate stories and certainly keep those photos coming in! We love seeing them and showcasing your work, not to mention, the inspiration you give to folks planning future projects.