Project Photo Submission

The highlight of our day is seeing photos of our hardware installed on your projects!

Use this form to submit pictures so we know who they came from!

Every month we hold a drawing for a $100 coupon code to We’ll include one entry per product that is photographed (e.g. If you purchased three separate products (item numbers) and sent photos of all of them you’d have 3 entries in the drawing). Photographs must be high resolution, clear, and should feature the product.*

Every now and again there is a project that is remarkable! If you think your project is amazing, offers something really special, or is otherwise interesting, please email me us with details. For WOW projects we will pay $75 for a series of 6-10 photos. We’ll email you sample shots and angles so you know what we’d like to see.*

*Fine print: when you submit photos to us you’ll be giving us the right to use your photos on our website – for example, on a product page or a blog post – without attribution. For WOW projects we generally like to write a blog post about your project, include photos, details about the professionals involved in the work, and identify the region where the project is located.