Catching up on contemporary gate projects

Wow! We’ve been more than impressed with all of the stunning photos that have been submitted so far this year! Our clients have enhanced all sorts of projects, from replica gates to interior doors, with lots of Nero for the contemporary projects in-between.

Please enjoy these visuals and all the details of the many different projects.

This gate is a replica of a guardrail in Cowell’s Beach (Santa Cruz, California), using our Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cane Bolt and Lockable Slide Bolt. Nice work from Troy Malmin of Malmin Construction!

360 Yardware Marine Grade Stainless Lockable Slide Bolt item LDSB01 with Marine Grade Stainless Cane Bolt item 6096-18316

West Cliff Drive overlooking the beach….















These are our Self-Adhesive Bungalow Style 3″ Address Numbers in Stainless Steel.

3 inch Address Numbers Self Adhesive Bungalow-style

Nix Woodwork created a 1/3 – 2/3 driveway gate; 1/3 size is the gate they can walk through while the larger gate can be opened to allow a car through. Heavy duty strap hinges were used to support the wide gate and the door is finished with our Contemporary Nero Lever Gate Latch.

360 Yardware Strap Hinges and Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch

Another application of the Nero – this time on an out-swinging horizontal board gate with metal frame.

360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch

Our Nero latch on a sturdy wood gate.

360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Lever Latch on a Sturdy Gate Build using Wood and Metal


Heavy Duty Cranked Band Steel Strap Hinges, again featuring our Nero Gate Latch and Handle.

360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch and Heavy Duty Strap Hinges Nix Woodworks

A unique wood gate with the Nero handle.

360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Metal Lever Latch on Unique Gate Build

Nix Woodwork crafted the wood gate stop to run the length of the post, which is a seamless way to provide the function of a gate stop without drawing attention to it.

Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch 360 Yardware Nix Woodworks

Contemporary horizontal fence gate created by Paul Keyes in New Jersey. The self-closing hinges were installed flat like a butterfly, straight to the face of the gate in order to maintain strength.

Stainless Steel Self-Closing Hinges in Black with 360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch.

And Nero again for the win! Jason Urrutia of Urrutia Design added to this contemporary gate.

Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch 360 Yardware

Cranked Band Hinges were used on this recently-updated set of doors at a birthing center in Wisconsin.

Cranked Band Hinges from 360 Yardware


Our Nero on another contemporary gate, but this photo came with QUITE the testimonial: “Thank you so much for what you do! I meant to remind you how much beauty you create in the world. To make something of quality and beauty is a rare gift and you and yours have that gift!  We all have our time on this planet, and we can choose either take from it, or give back and make it richer. Thank you for making it richer!”

360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch

THIS! We do what we do because we love this reaction (and so much more, of course)!

Thank you as always for your feedback and we can’t wait to see more photos of your projects soon!