360 Yardware News Updates for June through to September

For those of you who may not receive our newsletter, we’re posting some of the highlights from the past few months because there’s always something great happening over here at 360!!

Jana’s 50th b’day celebrations!

I didn’t expect turning 50 to change my life. I celebrated a bunch and thought that was that. But then, in the back of my head, the phrase “You could die any day! Do things before you die!” chanted louder and louder. I lived an adventurous life – right up until I started a business and became a parent. 🤣 Self-preservation mode kicks in and you do what needs to be done, day in and day out.

360 Yardware celebrations

But now something’s changed…. I could die any day! So it’s time to get back to the adventuring.

The first stop on the adventure train – or ship in this case – was a cruise to Alaska this Summer with 17 family members.

We had such a great time together!  We saw eagles, osprey, bears, salmon (tons!), and so much green.

If Alaska is on your own adventure list, then I highly recommend it!

Changes are coming!

Speaking of turning inward, change is afoot at 360! Just as you pare down your attention to things that matter the most in life, so too is it with business. We’ve done some soul-searching over the past 6 months. We are passionate about gate hardware; that’s our thing. That’s our background,  and it’s the thing that lights us up (as weird as that sounds).

Over the next 4 months we’ll be removing categories of products from our site, leaving gate hardware as the focus. That said, our long-time customers can certainly still reach out about products we have access to but don’t have up on the site.

During this process we’re also going to be liquidating some extra inventory. Stay tuned!

Monthly photo winners

Congratulations to all of our recent photo winners who have taken home $100 gift cards!


Arts & Crafts Gate with Dark Bronze Gate Latch Set Contemporary Arched Plate with Lever Handle 360 Yardware Item 20010-60360


Padlock Eyes Twisted Ring Gate Latch
Twisted Ring Gate Latch with Padlock Eyes 360 Yardware Snow Woodworks


360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Gate Latch with Blind Front Plate


Two-Sided Thumb Latch Gate Hardware in Dark Bronze

Keep your photos coming in – we love seeing them and showcasing your work!

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