How Can I Lock My Gate?

There are a few different options for locking your gate. A little planning and research will help you to determine the best type of lock to put on your gate. In general, locking solutions fall into four categories:

  • Lockable gate latches
  • Deadbolts
  • Slide bolts
  • Padlock eyes

Lockable gate latches

These include a lock as either an integral part of the gate latch, or as an addition to the gate latch (such as a padlock slipped through a hole in the latch). These range from the most basic old-style gate latch that you tie a pull-string to, to highly engineered latches that have a lock as a part of the design.

360 Yardware LDSB01 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Lockable Slide Bolt
The stainless steel lockable slide bolt is a great one-sided gate lock.

See 360 Yardware’s selection of lockable gate latches.


We have a comprehensive booklet about using deadbolts for gates that you can read HERE. It is also available as a downloadable PDF that you can print and use as a reference.

Slide Bolts

A slide bolt will lock up the gate after you close it – for example, on the inside of the gate. Some slide bolts have a spot for a padlock and some don’t. If your gate is needing to be secured so a dog or child doesn’t get out unattended, a slide bolt can be a nice option.

modern Lockable stainless gate latch by 360 yardware

Padlock Eyes

How to lock a gate

Padlock eyes are a really simple and affordable option. You install one bracket to the edge of the gate and one to the edge of the post and when you want the gate to be locked, slide a padlock through.  Available in stainless steel, stainless with a black finish, and bronze.

Gate Security

Additional information about gate security can be found HERE.