Contemporary Ring Gate Latch – The Mechanics

One question we hear about one of our top-selling latches, the Contemporary Ring Gate Latch, is ‘But how does it work?!’

Do you pull the ring? Push the ring? Twist the ring?

It’s simple but not obvious the first time you use it. It turns like a doorknob!! Check out our reel on Instagram (and follow us while you’re there!).

So now that you understand the mechanics of this gravity gate latch, let’s take a look at a few installations. The gate below is hinged on the right and swings away from us. So we see the ring handle and gate stop on the exterior of the gate..

Handle side of Contemporary Ring Gate Latch from 360 Yardware SKU 6149-LDSP   Gate Stop and Contemporary Ring Latch in Satin Black SKU 6149-LDSP from 360 Yardware


On the other side (interior) of this gate is the latching side. Remember that the latching portion always needs to be installed on the side of the gate that it swings toward. On the photo below you can see that the gate will pull toward us.

When a gate is built with a 2×4 frame, there isn’t a logical place to install the latching side. So the best practice is ‘block up’ an area behind the latch so that the latch is flush with the post it latches onto.

Unfinished Gate with 6149-LDSP 360 Yardware on Latching Side of Contemporary Ring Latch and Gate Stop in Satin Black

Latching Side of Satin Black Contemporary Ring Gate Latch 6149-LDSP at 360 Yardware

Here’s a different gate that didn’t require blocking up.

6149-LDSP Contemporary Ring Gate Latch on Latching Side 360 Yardware


Contemporary Ring Gate Latch

One last note – this latch also comes in Marine Grade Stainless Steel, should your design and/or location demand it!