PERFECT Nero Contemporary Gate Latch

We love it when our customers experience moments of perfection at the end of what is often a laborious process to get to a finished gate.

Our recent photo contest winner described their newly-installed gate, with the Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch, as perfect…and we couldn’t agree more!

As you can see, we imagine walking up to this gate and immediately sense serenity as well! We’re mesmerized by the color variations and lines that continue between gate and fence…as well as the detail on the gate that the latch accentuates. One element not captured here is the installed gate stop. Gate stops are included in all of our packages – and for good reason! You can read more about them in this blog post (and parts 2 and 3), but in short, your latch-arm and catch are meant to latch the gate, not stop it; a gate stop will – and will protect your hardware from damage caused by a gate slamming shut (not to mention, keep your warranty valid).

Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch by 360 Yardware

The added bonus? Black powder-coated stainless steel hardware means the perfection will last for a very very very very long time.

Go ahead and send us some serenity, er, your finished project photos. We’d love to enter you in to win $100 in 360 Yardware store credit. A quick e-mail to does the trick. 😉