Gate Hardware Maintenance Works!

During a recent trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, Jana walked through some neighborhoods and took photos of interesting gates and hardware. Amazingly she came upon a project we had a photo of from when it was first installed several years ago. As you can see in the Instagram video – the message here is that maintenance works! 

This gate and pergola look brand new – despite being installed in a coastal location. We try to emphasize to people that maintenance is what is going to keep your hardware and your gate looking and operating like new.

Bronze Gate Hardware Two Years Later

One last note on this particular hardware: since bronze doesn’t contain any elements that can rust, this hardware is good to go for the long term. Over time you can see a green patina (on the copper component), but you won’t see rust. Bronze has a living finish that is never pristine. It’s always reacting to its environment in beautiful and unique ways.

Typical maintenance would be a semi-annual washing of the gate and hardware with a gentle dish soap, water, and a clean rag. That’s it! It really could not be simpler, so we felt the need to shout it from the rooftops…or the interwebs. 😉