Sanctuary in the City | Bronze Driveway Gate Hardware Project

This was an extensive yard project carried out in Portland, Oregon by someone who wanted a peaceful and serene yardscape in the midst of the city. The dark bronze hardware perfectly complemented the dark bronze color of the gates and fence line, and only when you get close to it do you notice the details of the hardware. We visited at just the right time of year to catch the fall colors!

Dark Bronze Gate Hardware on Driveway Gate 360 Yardware

This was a very interesting installation set up. The two driveway gates swing out towards the street, as you can see by the hinges. Ordinarily a latch would also be installed on the outside of the gate so that the gate can swing open out towards the street. The client chose to install the latch on the interior of the fixed panel gate. They would twist the ring on the right gate and pull the left gate open out towards the street in order to get through.

Bronze Ring Gate Latches - item 60-101(on the right) and dummy handle (on the left), SKU 60-110

A closer look at the installation of the latch on the inside of the right gate and a dummy handle on the outside of the left gate that you pull on as you twist the ring on the right to release the latch.

Bronze ring latches - latching on the right and dummy on the left.

There is no reason that you can’t use two lengths of strap hinges on your driveway gates. It has a beautiful effect as you can see in this photo. The client used 24-inch hinges at the top and bottom and a 17-inch hinge in the center. It adds interest and can be practical if you have limited space in the middle.

Bronze Strap Hinges in Varied Sizes on Driveway Gate

We often field questions about the cost of the bronze hinges. Check out how thick these are! They are incredibly strong as well as beautiful.

17” bronze strap hinge sku 20-317 and pintle on plate sku 20-250













This is a really great view of the strap hinge from above. You can see how tightly the barrel of the hinge fits over the pin of the pintle.

Bronze strap hinges with a zoom on the pin of the pintle.

The 20” Dark Bronze Cane Bolt was chosen due to its stout size as well as color. You’ll notice that in order to hold the gate closed over a concrete driveway, the client drilled a hole in the concrete for the bolt to sit in. This can also be done in the open position so that the cane can hold the gate open if cars need to drive through.

360 Yardware SKU 80-100 Dark Bronze Cane Bolt - 20"