Strap Hinges For Gates

Strap Hinges To Hang Gates

Strap hinge basics

To hang a door, carriage house door, or gate, you’ll need hinges and pintles. Sometimes they are united into one unit, and sometimes they are separate. The hinge is the female portion (with a barrel) and the pintle is the male portion (with a pin). Pintles are attached to the post or jamb, straps hinges are installed to the door or gate. To hang the door, you lift it up and seat it on the pintles.

Coastal Bronze Strap Hinge and pintle

Why use strap hinges?

Strap hinges add an architectural touch to a gate that butt hinges don’t. If you have a large gate, or even a small driveway gate, consider using straps. In general we recommend that gates over 48″ wide use strap hinges for the additional support.

We carry strap hinges and pintles in three materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and solid bronze.

  • The carbon steel is powdercoated black to coordinate with other gate hardware.
  • Stainless steel strap hinges have a matte or brushed finish.
  • The dark bronze band hinges are a lovely dark bronze finish that matches any of the other dark bronze gate hardware we carry.
Coastal Bronze Strap Hinge with bronze gate latch
Coastal Bronze Strap Hinge with Straight Thumb Latch











Bronze gate hardware including coastal bronze strap hinge
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How to pick which hinge to use on a gate
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