Bronze Gate Hardware – Get the look!

Bronze gate hardware including coastal bronze strap hinge


Get the Look: Bronze Gate Hardware

Sometimes it’s easier to know what you want by seeing something that’s already put together. This beautiful cedar gate has the following hardware and quantities installed on it:

The weight of the gate only requires two hinges and pintles, but because there are three rails (horizontal members) to the gate, the client opted to use one hinge per rail. In the photos below you can see more of the detail of the installation. Note the drop-bar of the thumb latch kit. This is installed on the interior of the gate–you can see the tongue coming through underneath it. This is what you lift to release the drop-bar from the catch in order to open the gate. On the exterior side of the gate you have a lovely solid bronze 8″ handle.

Below the drop-bar is the bronze gate stop. The purpose of a gate stop is to prevent the gate from over-closing. In the photo, the gate stop is installed to the edge of the gate. If the gate is slammed by a person or the wind, the gate stop will catch on the surface of the post, so that the drop-bar can fall into place. The drop-bar itself isn’t made to withstand repeated slamming.

A close-up view of the 17″ Bronze Band Hinge shows the hefty bolts that connect the hinge and pintle to the wood of the gate and post.

Coastal Bronze Strap Hinge with bronze gate latch
Coastal Bronze Strap Hinge with bronze gate latch
Coastal bronze hardware and gate latch
A close-up of the 8″ bronze thumb gate latch
Front view of bronze gate hardware thumb latch
Front view of 8″ Bronze Thumb Gate Latch
A closer look at the 17" Bronze Heavy Duty Band Hinge
A closer look at the 17″ Bronze Heavy Duty Band Hinge.