Project Profile: New Orleans Carriage House Doors

This project was a labor of love by our client. His historic New Orleans home had an unimpressive painted garage door. His goal was to design and create era-appropriate carriage house doors out of gorgeous wood.

The challenge was that these doors were 10’ high and 5′ wide, weighing about 400 lbs each. We were able to outfit the doors with a combination of 17” and 30” long bronze heavy duty strap hinges to support the weight. He used a bronze door grille in the center of each door, as well as clavos nails to punctuate the center where the doors met.

He finished the project, loved its look, and then received the news that the Historical Society was requiring him to change the finish from the exposed wood to painted wood. Photos of both stages are included here.

We’ve included a shopping list of the whole project for your reference.

Shopping list for large wood carriage house doors















An Historic New Orleans Home Before the Carriage House Door Project


New Orleans historic carriage house doors with dark bronze hardware adorning it, custom wood doors


Painted carriage house doors after the historic homes committee required a change from exposed wood