Heavy Strap Hinges for an Outdoor Shower (and more!)

Recent photos from our customers show diversity in locales but a commitment to quality!

First, how sharp is this outdoor shower gate?! Galvanized steel heavy duty strap hinges in satin black provide the perfect contrast on the white gate with chrome fixtures.

360 Yardware Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Strap Hinges in Satin Black 8295-12SP

Then we again see strap hinges – this time in marine grade because of the soggy Pacific Northwest environment (though our customer snagged the picture on a gorgeously sunny day!).

Gate with Marine Grade Stainless Steel Strap Hinges 6295-12SP and LDGS02 Gate Stop 360 Yardware

And lastly, the winner we drew randomly took the desert aesthetic and created something that contrasts, but fits in all the same. The hardware blends with the posts and accents, so it’s a bit difficult to see in the photos, but consists of a Contemporary Ring Latch, heavy duty hinges (ball-bearing and spring) and stainless steel cane bolts – all in satin black.

ring latch with cane bolts and heavy duty hinges

Simply stunning!