Heavy Duty Gate Hinges

Our recent photo submissions got the memo about securing their pool gate and outdoor shower door with heavy duty strap hinges!

The randomly-selected winner chose marine grade 316 stainless steel strap hinges in satin black, with an adjustable tension Brutus gate spring and (not pictured) matching stainless steel drop/cane bolt for his pool gate.

Pool Gate with Satin Black Heavy Duty Marine Grade 316 Stainless Strap Hinges 6295-24SP and Adjustable Tension Gate Spring 4612-HSS 360 Yardware

Appreciation also goes out to this outdoor shower door (awaiting handle), because this customer also went with strap hinges: these ones in heavy duty galvanized steel. We can’t help but admire those clean lines!!

Outdoor Shower Door with Heavy Duty Cranked Band Strap Hinges 8295-12SP 360 Yardware

And lastly, while we generally always notice gate latches first, in this case, our eyes admittedly went to the darling script address to the right of our Contemporary Ring Gate Latch.

360 Yardware Contemporary Ring Gate Latch in Satin Black

At the end of the day, it’s so fun to see finished projects come to life after hearing from customers when they order in their planning and construction stages.

Thanks so much for sharing!!