Galvanized Steel and Forever Hardware for the win!

Our photo submissions this month had a strong cranked band strap hinge theme, but the Forever Hardware we recently added to our line made an appearance as well…let’s take a look!

Starting with the strap hinges, our customer jazzed up his house with carriage doors featuring 18″ galvanized steel heavy duty cranked band strap hinges. While they’re still waiting on the windows, the hinges are working flawlessly!

Carriage Doors with 8295-18SP Galvanized Steel Strap Hinges 360 Yardware

360 Yardware Snug Cottage 8295-18SP Galvanized Steel Strap Hinges on Carriage Doors

Many miles from there, in Xcalak, Mexico (5 hours south of Cancun), we see another round of strap hinges – these ones 24″ for this hefty driveway gate.


While you can’t go wrong with the tried and true above, we’re also loving seeing our newest line installed on stunning gates. Here’s the Modern Lever Latch in Espresso Dark Bronze – with added padlock eyes and the all-important gate stop.

Forever Hardware Modern Lever Latch in Espresso F1-400-25-E-SET with Padlock Eyes 360 Yardware and Coastal Bronze

Gate stops are included in all of our packages – and for good reason! You can read more about them in this blog post (and parts 2 and 3), but in short, your latch-arm and catch are meant to latch the gate, not stop it; a gate stop will – and will protect your hardware from damage caused by a gate slamming shut (not to mention, keep your warranty valid).

Since bronze doesn’t contain any elements that can rust, this hardware is good to go for the long term. Over time you can see a green patina (on the copper component), but you won’t see rust. Bronze has a living finish that is never pristine. It’s always reacting to its environment in beautiful and unique ways.

Lastly, we had to zoom out on this install – that 100# gate is held up by heavy duty stainless steel ball-bearing hinges in a bronze finish, blending perfectly into the posts.

Coastal Bronze Forever Hardware Modern Lever Latch in Espresso F1-400-25-E-SET with Padlock Eyes 360 Yardware

Our random drawing winner this month was the carriage doors, but all of these projects are winners in our book!