Custom Gate with Traditional Hardware

Testimonials that reference our tagline = Customers that are our people!!!

Check out this gorgeous custom fence – a clear and specific design was chosen and since LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR CRUMMY HARDWARE, our customer selected three of our items to finish it off!

On the front of the gate is the Twisted Ring Gate Latch with Cane Bolt, both in black.














On the reverse side of the gate, again we have the Twisted Ring Gate Latch as well as Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Strap Band Hinges and spring to match.

Heavy Duty Cranked Band Hinges 8295-18SP with Twisted Ring Gate Latch 4149-LDSP


Bravo on execution, kudos to taste – and congrats on winning $100 toward a future 360 Yardware purchase!!

If you love the looks too, shop them at the in the images OR our site –