Contemporary and Modern Gates

Well, another month, another opportunity to showcase our customers’ handiwork!

Our winner installed the Nero just before a rainstorm – fortunately the contemporary lever latch was an easy install and their trusty gate didn’t have to swing in the breeze!!

Horizontal Gate with 360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch

Another project finds our Contemporary Oval Lever Gate Latch and a modern square deadbolt (no longer available) on a beautiful door – finished for our customer’s wife. He says: ‘Clear cedar is an amazing species to work with. Everything turned out wonderful. Hardware helped finish the door wonderfully.’

360 Yardware Oval Contemporary Lever Gate Latch and Modern Square Brass Deadbolt on Horizontal Clear Cedar Fence and Gate

There is SO much to say about the craftsmanship and how it all came together. We have a deep appreciation for the fence panel between the columns. It is so straight and so linear – totally relaxing to my (Jana’s) brain!

360 Yardware Contemporary Oval Gate Latch

Front and back, day and night – no matter how you look at it, our customer’s craftsmanship and our contemporary and modern hardware brought this project together seamlessly!

Not easily visible in the photos, but critical to the gates above, is the gate stop. Gate stops are included in all of our packages – and for good reason! You can read more about them in this blog post (and parts 2 and 3), but in short, your latch-arm and catch are meant to latch the gate, not stop it; a gate stop will – and will protect your hardware from damage caused by a gate slamming shut (not to mention, keep your warranty valid).