Completely Custom Contemporary Gate Latch

Our August winner applied the Nero Contemporary Gate Latch to a driveway gate with a beautiful horizontal design. 
This completely custom project used a blind front plate (to avoid the screw holes) and we can’t get over the stunning completed look!!

Nero Contemporary Gate Latch with Blind Front Plate 360 Yardware

One element not captured in the photo, but critical to keeping this latch operational for a long time, is the gate stop. Gate stops are included in all of our packages – and for good reason! You can read more about them in this blog post (and parts 2 and 3), but in short, your latch arm and catch are meant to latch the gate, not stop it; a gate stop will – and will protect your hardware from damaged caused by a gate slamming shut (not to mention, keep your warranty valid).

Let us help you take your next project to another level – and keep those photos coming for a chance to win $100 in 360 Yardware store credit!!