Amazing Bronze and Stainless Gate Hardware!

Our customers continue to blow us away with their handiwork!
The September photo contest winner, randomly drawn from all submissions last month, used the dark bronze two-sided thumb latch on his custom gate.
Two-Sided Thumb Latch Gate Hardware in Dark Bronze 360 Yardware
A few more submissions with the Contemporary Ring Gate Latch showing its flexibility in the styles of gates it looks great on.
This periwinkle double gate is hung by the 18″ strap hinges with the ring latch on the left and the 18″ cane bolt holding the inactive gate into the brick base.
Contemporary Ring Gate Latch with Stainless Steel Cane Bolt and Heavy-Duty Cranked Band Strap Hinges 360 Yardware
In this close-up of the cane bolt you can see that they drilled an indentation into the brick below. This gives the bolt something to engage in. Pro tip: see all the dirt/mud splashed at the base of the gate and hardware? This happens so often. A quick spray with a garden hose will make everything look brand new!
A close-up look at the cane bolt holding the double gate closed
Below is a driveway gate that opens out. You can see the latch on the left panel and a dummy handle on the right. Note how the strap hinges are installed. The regular pintle plate can’t be installed to the 2×2 piece of wood, so they cut that back and installed the plate directly to the post material behind the 2×2.
Installing heavy duty strap hinges
360 Yardware Contemporary Ring Gate Latch with Stainless Steel Cane Bolt and Heavy-Duty Cranked Band Strap Hinges
This attractive setup featuring the Alta Contemporary Lever Gate Latch could be a magazine spread!
Double outswinging gate with a stainless steel Alta lever gate latch
Lastly, this project utilized select-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar for the frame, with inserts of frosted exterior-grade plexiglass. As the project location is Ontario, Canada, all materials must be able to withstand seasonal climatic conditions – we are proud to provide 360 Yardware to fill the need and finish this custom gate beautifully!
Mid-Post Mount Contemporary Ring Gate Latch 360 Yardware Product 6149-L6SP
Keep those photos coming in – we love seeing them and showcasing your work!