Project Profile | Thousand Oaks Contemporary Exterior Renovation

This project included a complete renovation of the exterior of a contemporary home in Thousand Oaks, California. The homeowners created an enclosed entry courtyard, and used the Moda Stainless Steel Contemporary Gate Latch. They added a stainless steel deadbolt for security, as it was an entry courtyard. The homeowners included privacy glass in the doors to allow light through and to provide a sense of welcoming to guests. The gates were made of sapele. A gap of ¼” was left between the two doors.

Viewing the gates from the exterior you see the active door on the right, and the inactive door on the left. There is a dummy handle to create a symmetrical look on the left door.

Eventually the project was converted to include an electronic strike, and a custom alteration was made to the latch so that it would work with the electronic strike.

On the interior of the gate you will see the Moda handle, the deadbolt, and Marine Grade Stainless Steel cane bolt. You can also see the barrels of 6 stainless steel heavy duty hinges holding the gates. The installer created a jamb against the stacked rock columns by bolting a wooden jamb into the column. Then he hung the gates on that.

[The gates were all washed the morning the photographs were taken, so there are pools of water on some parts of the gates.]

NOTE: The Moda Latch is no longer available, but the Alta Latch is available and has much the same design.

Because the double doors were the showpiece of the courtyard entry, the homeowners chose a different latch and lock for their side yard gate. They chose the Nero Contemporary Lever Latch and Square Modern Style Deadbolt in black.

Contemporary double courtyard entry gate


An exterior view of the double courtyard gates close up. The active door is on the right. It pushes in toward the courtyard. The lever on the left is a dummy lever, which provides symmetry visually, as well as something to hold onto for when you’re pushing both doors open.

Contemporary Wood Gate with Stainless Steel Gate Hardware

Hardware in this photo

Stainless Steel Square Deadbolt








Alta Stainless Steel Contemporary Modern Gate Lever Latch







Entry courtyard double gate with contemporary gate latch and deadboltAn exterior view of both courtyard gates in the closed position. The box on the left built into the stone column is housing the electrical for the electronic strike that the client used to automate the entry into his gates.







Sapele double wooden entry gate with stainless gate latch and deadbolt










Courtyard gate with interior courtyard under constructionA peek inside the courtyard…








Sapele double entry gate with cane bolt and electronic strikeInterior View: The sapele double wooden entry gate with stainless gate latch, deadbolt, and cane bolt.







Brushed stainless steel cane bolt drop bolt for double entry gatesThis is an interior view of the double courtyard entry gate, with the brushed stainless steel cane bolt holding the fixed gate in place to the courtyard patio.

Hardware in this photo


Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316 Cane Bolt Drop Bolt by Snug Cottage 6096-18316









Interior View of double entry gate with stainless steel modern hardwareInterior view of the double gates showing 3 hinges supporting each gate. You’ll notice that the contractor placed wood jambs against each of the stone columns, so that there was something secure for the gates to hang on to.

Hardware in this photo

Alta Stainless Steel Contemporary Modern Gate Lever Latch








Stainless Steel Square Deadbolt








Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316 Cane Bolt Drop Bolt by Snug Cottage 6096-18316









Interior view of the double entry wooden gate with electronic strike and stainless steel handle leverA close up of the active gate on the left, showing a peek of the electronic strike through the cutout on the right. This allows the client to buzz in any guests, while also creating a secure courtyard environment.






Marine grade stainless steel 316 cane bolt drop bolt at 360 yardware

Marine grade stainless steel 316 cane bolt drop bolt











Stainless steel cane bolt in marine grade 316 stainless


An overhead view of the marine grade stainless steel cane bolt holding the inactive gate in place.




Marine grade stainless steel 316 heavy duty gate hingesA close up of the gate door open and showing the marine grade stainless steel heavy duty butt hinges. In addition, a peek at the jamb built into the stone column by the contractor. A jamb is essential when you are installing a gate to an uneven surface like rock or stone.

Hardware in this photo

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Butt Hinge CEN1443











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Marine grade stainless steel ball bearing heavy duty stainless hingeA close up of the heavy duty ball bearing butt hinges in marine grade stainless steel. The contractor did a beautiful job finishing the wood around the hinges.












Nero contemporary lever gate latchAn interior view of the side gate with a Nero Contemporary Latch and above it the interior thumb-turn of the deadbolt.
















Side yard wooden gate with nero contemporary lever latch and deadbolt to lock a gateA full view of how a client filled their opening on the side yard. A small flanking fence panel plus an active gate.













black contemporary lever gate latch on sapele wood gateThe side gate included the Nero Contemporary Lever Gate Latch. It also included a square modern coordinating deadbolt. You’ll notice that the gap between the post and the gate is minimal. When you are building a gate you want to leave enough of a gap – we recommend 3/8” – to allow for the expansion and contraction of the gate over the seasons. The deadbolt extends 1″ out the edge of the gate, so you want to have enough of the deadbolt engaged in the post for it to be secure.

Hardware in this photo

















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