Photos for Cash!!

Help us show off your gate hardware!

These are the photos we’d need to receive – see photo for detail.

– outside of gate, straight on (within 10 feet)
– inside of gate, straight on (within 10 feet)
– 45-degree angle from each side, both inside and outside of the gate (within 6 feet)
– close-up of the hardware from each side, straight on and at 45-degree angles (2 or more)

Cash for Photos


All photos should feature clean hardware and be high resolution, focused and in good light. To that end, we’ve found two times of day that are ideal for picture-taking: in the morning before the sun gets high enough to cast a shadow or just after the sun sets enough to not shine directly on your gate.

Just fill out the form below and upload your images and we’ll send you a check. Simple as that!