Modern Gate Hardware Photos

Wow! Ya’ll have been BUSY with your projects and we are LOVING seeing them!

This month we have a variety of craftsmanship to share with you, so without further ado, please walk through this (Nero-adorned) gate with us…

Entering a garden with gate featuring 360 Yardware Nero Contemporary Gate Latch

Check out our Nero Contemporary Gate Latch on this clear western red cedar gate with tongue and groove boards with a custom water jet cutout insert – isn’t that gridwork sharp?!

360 Yardware Nero Gate Latch on Clear Western Red Cedar Gate

Then, in another application of the Nero, is a gate made of garapa and cedar. We get so much joy from seeing long runs of straight lines with exact gaps the whole way down…really beautiful work!!

Garapa and Cedar Gate with 360 Yardware Nero Gate Latch

In news of other products, we saw Snug’s Twisted Ring Gate Latch Set with  Stainless Strap Hinges and Cane Bolt in heavy duty stainless with black powder coat because our customer lives in a salty environment.

360 Yardware Twisted Ring Latch SKU 4149-LDSP on Double White Picket Gate with Stainless Steel Lag Pintle Strap Hinges and Cane Bolt


We also couldn’t get enough of this set of photos… A) that view! B) that simple, but lovely, gate! C) hanging a plate between two columns – wait, what?! Our customer shared with us how he attached the strike plate to the stone column: he used a piece of PVC trim board called Azek, which he attached to the stone with Tapcon screws – then attached the strike plate to that. The Bronze Contemporary Lever Latch is an excellent option for this type of climate. Since bronze doesn’t contain any elements that can rust, this hardware is good to go for the long term. Over time you can see a green patina (on the copper component), but you won’t see rust. Bronze has a living finish that is never pristine. It’s always reacting to its environment in beautiful and unique ways.

360 Yardware SKU SINGLE-60-360-3-RHO Dark Bronze Contemporary Lever Gate Latch

Finally, the winner of our random drawing is the owner of  a cottage on the shore of Lake Ontario. Because of their blue metal roof and the expanse of water, they spray painted both the flip latch and features of the railing a metallic blue to match. Stunning!!!

Locking Gate Latch with Metallic Blue Spray Paint on Lake Ontario 360 Yardware

360 Yardware Locking Gate Latch with Metallic Blue Spray Paint