How To Install Strap Hinges on a Gate or Door

heavy duty strap hinge installation

Information and Tips & Installation Videos





Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Strap Hinge 6095-16Black
A 24″ Marine Grade Stainless Steel strap hinge with black powdercoat

Driveway entry gates with black traditional strap hinges







What size strap hinge do I need? How much weight can this hinge hold?


How much weight can a strap hinge hold

What’s a carriage bolt?

A carriage bolt is a bolt that goes through the hinge and through the gate out the other side, where it’s fastened with a washer and nut. The use of a carriage bolt adds strength to a hinge installation.

A carriage bolt and nut for gate hinges

How To Remove a Carriage Bolt

Why are the cranked band hinges loose-fitting when I take them out of the box?

You’ll notice that the barrel of the cranked band hinge has a bit of extra space around the pintle pin (when the hinges aren’t installed). This is normal! It’s part of the way they’re made – the hinge begins as one full piece of metal and is bent all the way back around to create the barrel. Once the hinges and pintles are installed, it all fits together well.

Strap hinge and pintle

Black Stainless Steel Lift Off Heavy Duty Strap Hinges

Installation Tips and Videos

There’s a company of gate builders in the UK called Gate Expectations who have created a series of terrific instructional videos about gate hinges and installation of them. As a result, we aren’t going to recreate the wheel. We wholeheartedly recommend taking the 6 to 7 minutes to watch each of their videos. The tips and techniques are extremely helpful – due to the UK using the metric system, please ignore the tool/bit specifications. Click on the green images below to watch the videos.
fitting strap hinges to gates

Hanging wooden gates with strap hinges

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