Gate Latches for Double Gates – Bronze Two-Sided Thumb Latch Detail

When you are trying to outfit a double wooden gate and are looking for double gate latch ideas, there are several things to keep in mind. Here is a list of the required items that you’ll need:

  • Hinges
  • Gate Latch
  • Gate Stop
  • Cane Bolt

In addition to the requirements, you can consider a few options:

  • Gate Lock
  • Dummy Handle

We wrote a detailed page about all of these components and refer you there for more background information.

In this post we’re sharing photos of projects using the bronze double thumb gate latch so we can point out important details about this particular latch.

This double wooden gate swings toward us. On the left gate you can see the double gate latch (with the drop-bar). On the right panel you see a dummy handle. Dummy handles can be really helpful if you frequently need to open and close a gate panel.

The double thumb latch is a really nice option for double gates. The image below shows how it looks from both sides.

Side View of Two-Sided Thumb Latch
Side View of Two-Sided Thumb Latch

The one challenge about the double-sided thumb latch is that it requires quite a bit of space for the drop-bar (latch). We zoom in below to see how this client worked out the installation.

  • The blue line shows the stile (vertical member) of their gate. It’s fairly narrow. And definitely too small for the drop-bar.
  • The red line shows the length of the drop-bar that needs to be accommodated.
  • The orange box shows the modification that the builder made in order to make the installation work.  It’s a straightforward modification that a qualified installer can do.


The photo below shows a series of double carriage house doors outfitted with double gate thumb latches. This project was a large event space. All doors open out from the space. As such it was important that the appearance from the outside be polished. The client chose the 10″ version of the bronze double-sided thumb latch to ensure the scale of the hardware complemented the scale of the building.