Project Profile: Decorative Carriage House Door Hardware

Decorative Carriage House Door Hardware at 360 Yardware

This double garage door was outfitted with simple but effective decorative hardware. As shown in the photo above, these are the products installed:

Tips for choosing decorative garage door hardware:  

  1. Decorative carriage house and garage door hardware  comes with wood screws. If you’d like to install the hardware to a metal garage door, you’d be safest using sheet-metal screws, as they have threads that extend all the way to the head of the screw.
  2. Which Length Do I Choose?

    People often wonder which length of hinge front to use for their wood gate, door, or garage door. There is a “rule of thumb” that 25-30% of the gate/door/garage door width is an appropriate proportion. That can be a helpful guide.

    To really choose the best hinge front length, you can ask yourself the following question:

    “Do I want the dummy hinge to be a FOCAL point or an ACCENT piece?”

    •  Hinge Front as Focal Point: You might have a basic garage door and you want to make a bold statement with it. Choose 25” or 37” straps and go for it! You can also play with the quantity of straps you use. For a carriage house or garage door, try 3 or 4 straps if you want to create an eyeful.
    •  Hinge Front as Accent Piece: Even with the same garage door mentioned above, you might want to highlight the garage door’s shape. In this case, a few pair of 11” straps could do the trick.

    The bottom line is…do what works for you. If you want to go big (literally), go big! If you’d prefer something low-key and understated, so be it. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer.

 360 Yardware's selection of decorative garage door hardware