California Contemporary Horizontal Gate with Stainless Lever Latch

The client’s contemporary townhouse has an outdoor patio area for relaxing. She built a horizontal privacy fence to create a luxurious retreat area for herself and her pup. Stainless steel and contemporary were two qualities she was looking for in gate  hardware; ultimately she chose the Alta Latch.

Stainless Steel Gate Hardware with Alta latch on Horizontal Fencing

This is the view from the patio looking toward the pathway.

Contemporary Gate Hardware with Alta Level Latch

This is the view from the outside (sidewalk) looking toward the patio.

Enclosed patio with Alta Level Latch

The builder used 6×6 posts for the fence, as well as for the framing members of the wooden gate. Because there is a step down from the patio, the gate swings out to the communal walkway.

Exterior View of Contemporary Alta Gate and Latch
Outside View
Close-up of Brushed Stainless Alta Gate Latch
Interior View


The client chose the Alta Latch for its simple and elegant appearance. The landscaping has sprinklers running on a regular basis, and using stainless steel as a material appealed.

Alta Gate Latch view from both sides









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