Coastal Bronze on Maui Green

Sometimes we receive a photo from a customer and wish we’d volunteered to visit the project ourselves…as soon as we opened our email, we knew this was one of those times! As the Portland area experienced record snow last week, this bronze hardware was getting settled on a driveway gate on Maui.

Coastal Bronze 20-324-A Arch Band Hinges with Lag Pintles Cane Bolt 80-100-32 and Flip Latch 50-400 360 Yardware

Where to start?! Our customer was replacing rusty iron hardware and determined that bronze would be the best choice to survive the high salt exposure of their sea front location. As such, he purchased 24″ Solid Bronze Arch Band Hinges with Screw In Lag Pintles and side-by-side 32″ Dark Bronze Cane Bolts, all connected by a 4″ flip latch.

Since bronze doesn’t contain any elements that can rust, this hardware is good to go for the long term. Over time you can see a green patina (on the copper component), but you won’t see rust. Bronze has a living finish that is never pristine. It’s always reacting to its environment in beautiful and unique ways.

Of course, you don’t need to have an ocean-front gate to appreciate bronze, but we consider this aloha for the win…especially considering just sending this photo to us entered our customer into the monthly photo contest drawing, and they did in fact win!