Arts and Crafts Inspired Dutch Door Gate with Solid Bronze Hardware

This month we received project photos that really popped!

We might be a teeny bit partial to our customer’s color selection, but all the details add up to something really striking.

Our customer built a truly one of a kind arts-and-crafts-inspired Dutch door gate for a cobbled and fenced patio space, then finished it off with bronze hardware.

360 Yardware Dutch Door Custom Green Gate with Solid Bronze Arch Strap Hinges 20-317-A and Dark Bronze Lockable Flip Latch 50-420 Coastal Bronze

Seen here: dark bronze arch band hinges, dark bronze pintles on plate, dark bronze clavos nails and pair of dark bronze lockable flip latches.

Dutch Gate with Bronze Hardware

Not pictured, but their importance cannot be understated: a pair of dark bronze gate stops. Gate stops are included in all of our packages – and for good reason! You can read more about them in this blog post (and parts 2 and 3), but in short, your latch-arm and catch are meant to latch the gate, not stop it; a gate stop will – and will protect your hardware from damage caused by a gate slamming shut (not to mention, keep your warranty valid).

Did we just find new inspiration for 360 Yardware Headquarters? 😉