Maintaining Your Gate Hardware

You've bought some beautiful hardware. You read the instructions, installed it, and voila! You're done, right? Nope!

Over time, outdoor items are assaulted by sun and wind and rain and snow.

Here are some steps you can take to keep your hardware working and looking nice for a long time.

Note: If you have solid bronze hardware, check out this page for more specific maintenance notes.

Step 1: Clean the exterior

How to maintain stainless steel hardware

Step 2: Give it a jiggle

This sounds funny, but simply putting your hand on the piece of hardware and giving it a little jiggle can help alert you whether there are loose screws or if there's anything else that needs your attention.

Step 3: Lubricate as necessary

Deadbolts will need lubrication once a year or so. To lubricate, you can spray a lubricant into the key hole. Check that your knob is moving freely when you open and close. If it isn't, remove the side with the knob and lubricate inside the lock.

Gate latches don't need lubrication unless they have a keyed lock built into them.

Butt Hinges (not-self-closing or strap) can use a drop or two of lubrication at the top of the hinge, so it travels down along the pin.

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