Rust Resistance in Shutter Hardware

There are many details to consider when choosing new or replacement shutter hardware:

  • The style of shutter hinge and pintle should complement your home’s style and window’s architecture.
  • The material you select should be based on the type of climate you live in, and the level of rust-resistance you require.

The time and expense invested in not only choosing, but installing shutter hardware, require that you make the right choice the first time. Here we discuss the rust-resistance of the various decorative and functional shutter hardware we carry.

Our shutter hardware is supplied exclusively by Coastal Bronze and Lynn Cove Foundry & Forge. Both manufacturers are committed to bringing their customers the highest quality hardware that will last even in the most corrosive environments while still maintaining the integrity of the old world designs.

Galvanized Carbon Steel Shutter Hardware

Lynn Cove’s carbon steel is galvanized before being powder coated. They perform a series of additional processes, including a 10-step Carbon Steel Galvanized Exterior Shutter Hardwarepassivation process, to ensure the highest level of durability. The popular New York Style shutter hardware is made from carbon steel.

These products will last about 700 hours is salt spray testing, which is quite impressive compared to the competition.

Where to use Steel Shutter Hardware: Use this carbon steel products inland where there is little moisture and the environment is not harsh.

Maintaining Steel Shutter Hardware: Regular maintenance such as lubricating friction points (for example where pintles and hinges intersect) will allow your hardware to last a life-time.




Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware

The stainless steel shutter hardware we offer is made of 304 series that has a proprietary coating (similar to galvanization, but refined to better Stainless Steel Shutter Hinges and Pintlessuit stainless steel) before being powder coated for optimal corrosion resistance. Lynn Cove produces a full range of stainless steel hardware including hinges, pintles, slide bolts, and shutter stays.

This hardware will last 1,000 hours in salt spray testing, which makes it ideal for coastal applications.

Where to use Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware: Use Lynn Cove’s stainless steel products in coastal areas or those where the hardware will be exposed to regular salty or industrial humidity.

Maintaining Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware: Again, regular lubrication will add to the life of your hardware.



 Aluminum Shutter Hardware

For Lynn Cove’s aluminum products, they use aircraft quality aluminum that is anodized and powder coated. Aluminum can’t rust, but it certainlyHeavy Duty Aluminum Shutter Hardware Kit can corrode, and they have tweaked their anodization process to prevent this. Again, a black powder coat finishes the product, further lengthening its lifetime to 1000+ in salt spray testing.

We offer a wide range of decorative pull handles, hinge fronts, accessories, and even functional shutter hinges and pintles and stays.

Where to use Aluminum Shutter Hardware: Use Lynn Cove’s aluminum products in all levels of coastal applications.

Maintaining Aluminum Shutter Hardware: This is serious stuff with no maintenance required.


Bronze Shutter Hardware

Coastal Bronze is well known for their heavy duty high quality hardware. Their recent introduction of shutter hardware is a welcome asset to Coastal Bronze New York Style shutter hardware 70-610their offerings. The bronze they use is composed of 90% copper and 10% tin for corrosion-free life. It has an exterior-grade wax applied that protects the finish. Bronze darkens over time to a dark copper penny finish.

The hardware has a

Where to use Bronze Shutter Hardware: Use Coastal Bronze’s products in all levels of coastal and non-coastal applications.

Maintaining Bronze Shutter Hardware: The only maintenance needed would be if you didn’t want the finish to naturally age. In that case, you’d want to re-apply wax to your hardware on a periodic basis.