Gate Hardware Case Study

This project arose from a designer/builder who had a very wide and heavy driveway gate entrance to a magnificent home. The proportions of the gate complemented the rustic nature of the home, but made it nearly impossible to source hardware of the scale and style needed to secure and operate the gate.

Because the homeowners used the house as a vacation home, they wanted the gates closed and locked when they were not present. When they were at the home, they entertained quite a bit and wanted both gates to be able to be held open. A secondary factor was that the location received a lot of snow during the winter, and they needed to be able to access the hardware when snow was piled up.

Grand Driveway Rustic Gate Entrance requiring custom hardware

The builder requested a slide bolt latch that could be locked with a padlock, as well as a cane bolts that would work with the gate height.

  • The slide bolt needed to be of a scale where it wouldn’t disappear visually on the gate. We chose a 16″ length (10″ on one side and 6″ on the other) and 3″ high. We allowed a 1/2″ of space between the two sides to accommodate seasonal movement in the wood. The bolt itself was over an inch high. Both the plate material and the bolt material needed to be thick enough visually and structurally to withstand the use they would receive.
  • With a gate this wide and heavy, the cane bolt (also called a drop-bolt) provides an additional measure of security for windy days when the gates might shift. We suggested using two cane bolts, so that when the gates were closed the bolts would hold each gate in place. Likewise when the gates were open for guest arrival, the bolts could be engaged in the ground to hold the gates open (eliminating the need for an additional piece of hardware like a hook). We provided a hanger bracket for when the cane bolts were disengaged, so that the gate could swing freely. These hangers were handed left and right so that the left cane bolt and the right cane bolt handles wouldn’t run into each other during operation. We also created guide brackets to keep the bolt vertically aligned properly. As an extra measure, we included bushings within the guides for a tight fit.

    Bushing Inside 4′ Custom Cane Bolt Bracket

Stainless steel was the material chosen since its strength and rust-resistance is fantastic. For a large driveway gate like this we needed to be certain the material could hold up to the elements, and was the correct material for the stoutness of the hardware design.

The client wanted a black powdercoat finish. We suggested a powdercoat finish to complement the rustic style of the entryway, a hammered rustic black. The final product turned out great!

Satin Black Hammered Powdercoat Finish


16″ Stainless Steel Lockable Custom Slide Bolt


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