Custom Doorbell Installation Instructions

A single use pack of adhesive included with each doorbell.

A clean and smooth surface will ensure the ease of installation.

Items needed: screwdriver, tape

  1. Remove your existing doorbell and disconnect the two wires.
  2. Reconnect wires to the new doorbell. Does not matter which wire on which contact.
  3. Doorbell comes with adhesive tape which will hold the doorbell in place while the supplied adhesive dries. Place supplied adhesive (E6000 made by GOOP) on back of doorbell avoiding overlapping the adhesive and the backing tape.
  4. Let the adhesive set up for about two minutes.
  5. Remove the backing paper from the backing tape. Press the stone against the wall so that the backing tape makes solid contact and allow the adhesive to dry.

** If inadequate contact is made to hold the doorbell in place while the adhesive dries, use blue painters tape or masking tape to hold doorbell for 24 hours.