What Does Center-to-Center Measurement Mean?

With new cabinets, this might not matter be applicable because the doors won’t have had cabinet pulls installed previously. But when replacing cabinet pulls, you’ll want to measure the distance from the center of one hole to the center of the second hole. This is your center-to-center measurement.

If you want to replace a pull with a knob, you can do that by choosing a knob that has a coordinating backplate. The backplate will cover the old holes and you can install the knob in the center.

What is a back plate and when would I need or want to use one?
A back plate mounts between the knob and pull and the cabinet or drawer. It is bigger or longer than the knob or pull, so it creates a wider base, upon which the knob or pull is mounted. Back plates are often used just to be decorative. They often have an interesting design and matching finish that compliments well with the knob or pull, and gives the cabinet or drawer a whole different look. Back plates can also be used in a remodel to hide the mounting hole from a previous knob or pull used on the same cabinet or drawer. If the new pull is longer than the previous pull, the back plate would cover up the previous mounting holes, giving a clean new look to the cabinet or drawer.

center to center measurement

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