Contemporary Asian-Inspired Garden and Gate | April Photo Drawing Winner

Take a peek at this tranquil sanctuary – a Japanese garden north of Seattle, built as a tribute to our customer’s mother. We are honored that she chose our Asian-inspired design gate latch (no longer available) to finish off the clear red cedar gate. As she won our April photo contest, we are delighted to award her $100 in 360 Yardware credit.

Kristi told us that when the carpenter came from Bellingham to install the gate, hardware, hinges and latch, he was very pleased with the hardware chosen to go along with his extraordinary gate. He said most people buy the cheap stuff, but the hardware tied in so well aesthetically.

“Every time I turn the handle to enter the garden, I am so pleased with the product. It’s worked out just perfectly in every way possible!”

Japanese garden with Asian Inspired Contemporary Gate Latch