What does Father’s Day have in common with this custom barn door pull?

Give me a few sentences and see if I can connect the dots…

Father’s Day arrived to much anticipation. Declan and I rushed off to Voodoo Donuts at 6am to pick up a special treat for Daddy.

Mistake #1: letting him pick out his own doughnut.  Which turned out to be slathered in icing, then covered completely in mini M&M’s. He chose the 8″ glazed raised Tex-Ass for Daddy and headed home.

Mistake #2 occurred shortly thereafter. We didn’t have any protein with breakfast to offset the sugar.

Within 45 minutes, our sweet little angel was running up and down the hallway chasing a ball and retrieving it like a puppy. The day progressed with damage to the house, experimentation of sticking things into electrical sockets, and trying to dig up the tomato plants.

Which all led to our crowning moment of pride and celebration of all the fathers out there: Declan punching Daddy squarely in the nose before bedtime.

And now the connection to the barn door pull handle.

We just received install photos of this custom barn door pull that we created for a custom  interior door. Besides making it lovely, we needed to integrate a stop into it to prevent it from damaging the custom door when the handle was let go. (Read More on this project)

I think a ‘toddler stop’ to prevent damage wreaked by an over-sugared toddler is next on the design board…

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